From the moment asphalt is applied it begins to break down. Sealing your asphalt on a regular basis will prolong the life of your asphalt as well as reduce your overall costs. Seal coat is an asphalt emulsion coating that slows down the damaging effects from weather, water, and chemicals. Seal coat does not prevent damage it only slows it down. Seal coat is always applied with 2 coats, the first coat seals the asphalt and the second coat creates the smooth, black finish.

For lots that already have crack damage, we can apply crack seal to cracks up to 1” in width. Again, this does not fix the cracks it only slows down the deterioration process. Crack seal is applied to the cracks prior to laying seal coat.

Below are examples of what may happen if seal coat is applied in unwarrantable conditions.

Gallery: Failed Seal Coat