A wheelstop is primarily used to stop cars from hitting a curb, sign, or building. If a car is driven with enough speed it will jump a wheelstop. Wheelstops come in a variety of sizes. Typical size ranges are 6 feet long 

Pavement Marking removal

Shotblasting is the removal of painted pavement markings using a machine that shoots out tiny metal balls against the pavement surface. This form of removal does not leave teeth marks. 

Grinding is the most popular method of pavement marking removal. The grinder is used to remove painted and thermoplastic pavement markings by grinding the pavement in order to completely remove the marking. This method will leave behind “teeth” marks and the pavement surface will not be smooth. 

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is the best form of cleaning to be used on pavement prior to applying pavement markings or seal coat. This is a service our firm provides but typically recommends our customer to provide for themselves due to the costs associated with it.

Traffic buttons/RPMS

Traffic buttons and RPMS are the round or square markers you see in the roadway. They are often used on crosswalks or centerlines. 


We provide a wide variety of Traffic, Parking lot, and Fire Lane signage. Custom signs are available upon request. We can provide a variety of different post and anchors installs. Local codes and specifications not a problem, we got it covered.

Snow Plowing

Snow Plow services for streets and parking lots. Does not include snow removal.