Pavement markings are any marking you see on asphalt or concrete. There are three types paint, thermoplastic, and “durastripe” also known as methyl methacrylate (MMA). Our firm provides two: paint and thermoplastic.

There are a variety of traffic paints to choose from but we have come to love and trust Sherwin Williams Columbia Alkyd. We also provide “green” waterborne latex paint. Latex paint is more challenging and inefficient to work with thus is more expensive than columbia alkyd.

Thermoplastic comes in two forms of plastic, preformed thermoplastic and a white powder, both requiring being heat up to 400 degrees. Preformed thermoplastic is typically used for stencils in the roadway. It is applied with a torch, when heated the thermoplastic bonds with the asphalt. Thermoplastic powder is applied via a metal shoe once the powder has been heated up to a healthy temperature of 400 degrees.

Thermoplastic is created of chemicals that bite into the asphalt creating a thicker, longer lasting application. For concrete applications, a concrete sealer is applied prior to thermoplastic applications.

Below are examples of what may happen if paint or thermoplastic are applied in unwarrantable conditions.

Gallery: Failed Pavement Markings
Two inch line will have “waves” because of spray pressure
Two inch line will have “waves” because of spray pressure