Extruded Concrete Curb

There are a variety of different style curbs, however our firm only provides extruded concrete curb. This type of curb is typically used for enclosing parking lots or landscaping. Extruded concrete curb is a mixture of sand and concrete formed by extruding the mixture through a metal shoe onto asphalt or concrete. We offer a few size options, with the smallest being the most durable and cost efficient.

Below are examples of what may happen if extruded concrete curb is applied in unwarrantable conditions.

Gallery: Failed Curb
  • You guys are hands-down the BEST striping contractor I have ever worked with!
    Aero Construction
  • Thank you Bryan! Looks very nice!
    TacoTime NW
  • Great job! Thank you!
  • Thank you for your patience and the great work that was done!
    Kristen, Wright Runstad & Company
  • You guys have done a great job! Well done!
    Jeff, Manchester Apts Everett
  • Bryan, I just wanted to say that the crew you sent were very understanding and flexible about working through the challenges at this property. They were great. Please tell them thanks again from us.  
    Jay Battee with YWCA Family Village

  • Judy, I just want to thank you folks for allowing us and trusting us enough to enter into a payment plan. you have no idea how much we appreciate you.

    Thank you again

  • We just wanted to send you a note commending your staff and crew for the outstanding service you provide. Straightline Striping has gone above and beyond expectations when it comes to bidding, scheduling and the quality of work and cooperation that you give in the field. We have worked with all of the other striping contractors in this area and none compare to the service we get from your staff and crew.

    Thank you so much, we at Aero truly appreciate you all!
    Robyn Johnson, Aero Construction - Estimating

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